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First of all, sorry to have posted many things here recently and I've only been a memeber a few days, I'm just excited :) I've never been a part of one of these.

Anyways, I've always debated starting a blog of my own to keep in touch with family and friends and just kind of talk about the kids, crafts, school, or life in general and now I can talk about POTS. Not in a negative way of course but in an informative way.

I just wanted to know if anyone here has a blog?! I sometimes read a few, one from a girl at work which I won't post here because she might get mad but here are the other two I read occasionaly.

http://tarynmaxwell.com/ (new mother of twins)

http://attic24.typepad.com/ (crochet blog)

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Yes I have a blog called themyastheniakid. I have been doing it since 2008 but its only been since this year that I have been writing on a regular basis. Its about life in general, life dealing with chronic health issues and the idiot Drs and health professionals I have seen over the years!

The address is in my signature, on my blog I also have links to a couple of other Potsie peoples blogs.


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