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Skin Peeling Off All Fingertips

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i'm glad it doesn't cause your son pain! i haven't heard of this before, but that's just me. maybe anyone else?

hope you and your son will find the answers your looking for here at our forum!

take care,

corina :)

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I remember reading about mercury poisoning over the years, because of all my fillings I had removed. I'll link this just in case it is relevant:

In children, mercury toxicity may result in the rare syndrome of acrodynia, which is characterized by severe leg cramps, irritability, paresthesia, excessive perspiration, pruritus, and painful redness and peeling of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

And, it came from:


Down in the Editorial part it talks about symptoms.

Of course, your son probably has something much less drastic than this, but just wanted you to be aware.

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9 months ago I started having a problem with skin peeling. It is strange because my skin isn't dry and peeling. It looks and feels normal, but then I go to wash my hands and the top layer of skin rubs off of my palms and the bottoms and sides of my fingers. At its worst it rubs off three times a day. At best it comes off about three times a week. It is so strange! I can be very gentle when washing my hands, but the top layer of skin still comes off. My palms get sore when it happens three times a day, but if it is only three times a week it doesn't cause any pain.

I have mentioned this to a couple of my doctors, but neither of them have any idea what might be causing the problem. I'm going to see Dr. Grubb next week, so I'll ask him if there is any sort of a dysautonomia connection.


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I have a lot of trouble regulating my body temperature because of my autonomic dysfunction, and I get fevers a lot. The skin on my fingertips always does this when I get a particularly nasty fever, and then sometimes it will start doing this, and I haven't even realized I've been running fevers...I guess some things you get a little too used to...

Maybe this is somehow related to fevers?

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Just something that popped into my head as a possiblity. When I broke my ankle/foot it swelled really big and the blood supply wasn't adequate because it had been severed by the trauma - the blood vessels had to regenerate into my foot. Amongest all this - the skin on my whole foot peeled off. Wondering if it has something to do with circulation. I also have the peeling under my finger nails and that isn't connected to trauma - but know I have circulation issues. I do also have edema in my legs/feet and hands. There is also neuropathy starting in my feet and I too have very painful feet and have even as a child. I think I've had POTS since I was 8 years old (unexplained illness) and am now in my early 50's.

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