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Painful Feet

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I am not sure I have a lot to add and others may have more helpful advise but my son (15) has a heightened sensitivity to pain and really always has. Since the fullfledged POTS reared its ugly head we have noticed it even more. He will have a painful thumb or wrist joint, or his knees hurt or his back hurts or all the muscles across his back hurt. For him the pain is transitory, and may last a week or two then gone, then come back. OTC meds don't help (I have fibromyalgia and OTC or any pain meds never helped me either.)

On the other hand, he runs! That is great! Maybe he needs to look into shoes that have more cushion or if he can be careful of the surfaces he runs on.

Something that might help is ice frozen in a water bottle and have him roll it around.

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Thought I would update since this happened today. My son went to a youth group picnic. It was around 50 so didn't worry about overheating. He apparantly was super active, catching football, playing frisbee, and just felt great. Well, he also forgot to take his last dose of Midodrine (don't know if that had anything to do with anything). His pots has always affected him alot after activity but if he is going he will be able to push himself for quite awhile.

Anyway, his feet HURT bad tonight. He had trouble walking... FYI..

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I had this problem about 13 years ago. My family went to Disney World, and my feet hurt me so badly by the end of the first day. On the morning of the second day they felt normal. By that night they hurt badly again, and they still hurt when I woke up that next morning. I pushed through the pain because it was Disney World and it was worth it, but...OUCH! It was painful.

The painful feet thing has happened to me many times since then. It hasn't been a problem for a few years now, but that is probably because I can't walk long enough for my feet to hurt like that again.

The only thing I found that takes the pain away is time off of my feet.


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Has neuropathy been considered/ruled out? Peripheral neuropathy/autonomic neuropathy is associated with painful extremities, most commonly legs/feet. A QSART or muscle biopsy is used to diagnose PN/AN.

Best Wishes, Lyn

Nope, never heard of those two things. Will have to keep track of this symptom. Thanks for your help!

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My son (and I, to a lesser extent) have major foot problems. You need to describe the problem better, NewPotsMom. Is is pain on the bottom of his feet after activity? If so, it makes me think of small fiber neuropathy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_fiber_peripheral_neuropathy I intermittently have this- it is much worse when my autonomic symptoms are flaring or nor well controlled.

My son has oodles of other severe foot problems. Prior to becoming really sick at age 12, he went for a week long soccer camp at Clemson University & had no skin on the bottom of his feet when I picked him up. His feet are so flat.( Hopkins says"marked pes planus"/ his podiatrists say, "one on a million.") That he developed severe blisters that caused all of the skin to peel off of them. He also has a connective tissue disorder that makes his skin more sensitive and peels off easier- bad combo. (BTW, Severely flat feet are a symptom of a connective tissue disorder that is often connected to POTS.) Mack now wears prescription orthotics and prescription ankle braces when he's going to run or skateboard.

Lots of possible issues...thought I'd mention a few :rolleyes:

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