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Masto?? High Eosinophils?? Overwhelmed

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I just got some labwork back I'm very concerned about. Eosinophils were high....1179 and they are supposed to be under 500. Lymphocytes are low 764. I was just diagnosed with cutaneous masto (UP). I'm overwhelmed. I started on Singulair a week ago. I had a really bad cold when I had the labs done. Does anyone know what to make of these labs? My docs don't.

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I am not a doctor, and I know nothing about the rest of your medical history, but my doctors once wanted to check me for high eosinophil levels in connection with a condition they thought I might have called Churg-Strauss syndrome (turned out not to have it). Do you have any history of asthma or any nerve pain issues? GI problems? Any history of any kind of vasculitis?

Another thought, has anyone ever looked into a possibility of Addison's disease? That is apparently another cause of eosinophilia...and can certainly cause autonomic dysfunction.

I hope they figure this out, and that you feel better soon!

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I used to have high eosinphils quite often and that's another one of those things that went away for me when I was finally diagnosed and treated for adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease). It's literally been years now since they have been high on my blood work, so I assume at this point it was somehow related to that.

I think they can also be elevated in those with seasonal allergies too. I'd also suspect food allergies too. Anything that makes the immune system react.

Here's what Mayo has to say about it if you are interested.


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