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Review Ongoing Symptoms


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Good morning everyone,

I have these symptoms which have been discussed thoughout the years but I'd like to get some input and thoughts it may be helpful to gain some direction.

1st---My menstrual cycle of coarse brings on more episodes but it seems to be with PMDD type problems along with:

More chest pain

Draining my physical body(weakness, debilitating fatigue that grows by the day)

Draining my mental energy severe brain fog and no concentration

Higher B/P today is day 6 of cycle and B/P is 129/80 my normal is 90/60

Very bad anxiety attacks with tremors

Hot flashes my body is HOT internally

#2 Problem---I have this pain when I eat under my left rib cage area sensitive to touch it happens with no specific foods? It lasts about an hour and I have to massage my stomach it hurts so bad.

Thats all I can post right now feeling terrible

I go to my new doctor (yeah another one) May 2nd and I actually put together a letter of current problems and directions I'd like to take and also I start seeing a therapist for the anxiety to medications the middle of May also.

Hope you all are having a good day.


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I am definitely worse during my period. Are you any better the week or two before? I seem to do better the week before, but starting from Day 1 of my period, everything goes downhill as your described. There is an article about this:

http://www.potsrecovery.com/2011/03/pots-and-that-time-of-month.html ---> synopsis

http://hyper.ahajournals.org/cgi/reprint/56/1/82 ----> actual article

And ditto on the pain below the left rib cage. Mine is more a sensation of extreme pressure. I brought this to my Doctors attention several months ago and he felt around there and said my spleen felt enlarged. He then sent me for an ultrasound of the area, which came back normal (of course - I never get answers). He then suggested it's probably gastritis and to take some Prilosec (whatever). So since this IS the area where the spleen is I would definitely bring this up with your Doctor. How this is POTS related, I dunno.

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