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Low Heart Rate-Chest Pain?

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Hi, i had bad chest pain on monday night and when i woke up i took my hr and it was 52. This is low for me, its normally around 68-75 at rest. Is this hr low and does this happen with pots and can it cause chest pain?

I had palpitations all the next day and it stopped me sleeping the next night. Can this happen even when you are not having tachycardia?


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I get chest pain too and sometimes my resting heart rate is low in the 50s. What does the chest pain feel like? Mine feels like a swelling and a tightness in my chest. No doctor has been able to tell me what that is. Also, sometimes I feel that my heart is racing but when I take my pulse it is normal (60s or 70s).

If anyone has been able to identify what these symptoms are caused by, I would like to know.



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I get this too. My doctor told me it is because blood is pooling around my heart. I guess the correct messages are not being sent from my nerves and brain to my heart. But sometimes it is really painful. Sorry to hear you all have it too. Hope at some point in time they can figure it out ;o)

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