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Happy New year to everyone. Thanx for the support, and i hope you will all be there for me in 2005. 2005 is a new year so make a new resolution. Myne is to give up drinking after tonight and start a training schedule that will help keep me fighting fit. Love you all and all the best for the new year.



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Guest Mary from OH

Happy New Year everyone!! May we all have a healthy, pain-free, guilt-free, glorious 2005!!

I want to thank everyone for the support and information I have gathered since joining this group!! You guys are the best!! Whether it's been picking me up out of a "potshole", trying to help me understand or find an answer to a question, or just listening to me vent you have always been there. Thanks for making me feel welcome and worthwhile.

POTS is a lonely disorder with more questions than answers and it helps to be surrounded with other people in the same shoes for support and information!!

I love you guys and you've become like a second family to me!!

I pray that each and every one of you has a BLESSED and HEALTHY 2005!!!


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Guest tearose

Hooray, another new start! I like beginnings.

Happy New Year everyone! May all your wishes come true. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

I'll be eating my traditional lentil soup and snacking on little hot dogs...maybe making a silly resolution...like try to do a tad bit more exercise and try to live more simply...

best wishes everyone, tearose

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Happy 2005 Everyone!!

I too am looking forward to a NEW Year. We ended this year with my brother getting married this afternoon :) and we are anxiously waiting the arrival of a new baby due any minute :) so we're ending it good and starting off the same way!!

I want to wish all of you health and happiness in the upcoming year!! and thanks always for the support you have always given to me and my family

Thanks so much


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happy new year!

yup, i am having an eventful new year's eve, huh? not! oh well.

we watched the third harry potter (stacey, are you reading this?). and now, well, i think i will watch the ball drop and hit the hay!

i drank like two sips of champagne and was drunk! whoops! i don't think i will do that again. i haven't had alcohol in 6 years and i think i will keep it that way!

i am really hoping for a year with less potsholes for ALL of us. after being sick 'wishing you a healthy new year' takes on a whole new meaning, huh?

hugs and many, many thanks to all of you for making each day brighter. for making the potsholes bearable. i know we will continue to be blessed by this site and by each other in 2005.


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A new year is a fresh start and i just got up , wit a hangover from last night, which probably will put me in the 'Potshole' but thats my own fault. Ive decided to start the morning with water and not coffee and ill be eating healthyer too. lets hope this year is better then the last eh. I love you all and pray that your all well and stay 'fighting fit', theres nothing better then a strong healthy heart.

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Hooray for a new year, new hope, new beginnings, new dreams!

Thank you to everyone out here in e-POTS-land for your information, support, laughter and encouragement.

I found a good quote a month or so ago... and thought I'd share it with you, as you all make resolutions:

"You change your life by changing your heart." --author unknown

I've printed this out on business cards and stuck in places to remind me to "change my heart" and enjoy life, even with its POTSholes. It also reminds me to keep fit--keep a strong heart.

:) So, best wishes for health and happiness in 2005!


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