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Hello All!

I was just reading a post from a couple of days ago by morgan and she said that the 29th was her birthday and she was going to be 50. I wish I had seen that in time to post this ON her birthday...


Morgan has had one heck of a tough year...and I pray and pray that this year will be brighter in many ways...

Morgan...happy birthday. I pray this year will be full of peace and joy for you and better health.

Thank you for all of the contributions you have made to both potsplace and ndrf...although you are not able to 'work' as a nurse anymore...you are a 'resident nurse' on cardiac issues to us. and we are very grateful. you also have a kind, compassionate soul and I am grateful that you are part of this wonderful community!




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Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that you had a really great day!! Did you do anything special? Thanks so much for everything you've done; when I asked a question about a diagnosis you were so great at explaining it and making me feel better. Whenever I post on dyna I feel like I have lots of caring siblings, and whenever I post on dinet I feel like you all are caring aunts and uncles. So thank you!!!

I hope you have a really great and healthy as possible year!

Lots of love,


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Happy belated birthday, Morgan! You made it to 50 and there's no turning back. So you better make some big plans to do something fun.

Thanks for all of your advice and support. You are a very special person.


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Guest tearose

Happy Birthday Morgan! I think you should celebrate for 50 days! :)

I hope you did something festive...may I suggest cake? :)

You sure have earned something special and I trust you will find a wonderful way spoil yourself!

warm wishes, tearose

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Happy Birthday, Morgan! You share a birthday with my wonderful niece... and I too was born on the 29th ... a great date, yes?

I hope you celebrated in some way ... or maybe you were saving your partying for new year's eve? I hope you felt well on your special day ... and that you feel well today and every day.

Sending you cyber cookies tonight ...


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Sorry, I haven't been to the site in a few days. Thank you all so much. My day was spent nursing a hubby with a 102 temp. We actually didn't do much till yesterday after his fever broke and then my kids and grand kids could come over. We didn't have cake as I can't eat it, but I had some nice quality time with my family. My grand kids anyway. My little grandson, who is 4 has finally gotten very affectionate and gave lots of hugs and kisses. Who could ask for more than that? :) David is much better after 2 antibiotics and will return to work on Monday. Thanks so much again and Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you Peace and especially good health! Morgan Happy birthday to you Merrill and your niece and hopefully she gets 1/2 year birthdays, like in June or July, so she doesn't feel left out over the Holidays being right in the middle of things. When you are little it matters, when you are 50, it doesn't. :)

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Aw, Morgan, I remember your earlier post and made a mental note to wish you happy birthday then, but that note must have floated out of my brain (sigh). So sorry I missed your big day, but it sounds like you were pretty wrapped up. Hope all is better now and the time yesterday with your family will be strong memories always. May many more birthdays follow!

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