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Howdy! I know I don't post much anymore, but I am having a bit of an increase in symptoms, even for me. And was hoping you all might have some good ideas etc. My absence from the site is not due to no longer being symptomatic. I am still as symptomatic as ever for the most part. I am still on meds, but they have not changed recently. I was about to make a change, but had not yet. Also, no changes in supplements, drinking, salt, exercise, or eating habits. I have had long periods of insomnia before 4-8 days, but they were always linked to medication or extreme heat and humidity.

But, now I have not slept much for almost a week. I have had small bits of dowsing off, "sleeping" for 15 min. to an hour or so, but never much longer than an hour and not a good quality of sleep. And I don't sleep more after that hour. I am awake and see almost every hour on the alarm clock, but it is across the room so it isn't like I am starring it down. I have tried sleeping a different times of the day, because I am a natural night owl. I am not anxious or have a busy brain keeping me from sleep. I am not currently working or in school. My only appmts. are doctor related, so those can be easily canceled if I am not up to them. I can not figure out why I can not get comfortable and just fall into a good sleep.

I also tend to get more energy and am bouncing up in down in bed once I lay down. It is like my body does not want me to sleep.

I have also had some of the most energy I have had in a long time the past few days. I think it may be because of less of an orthostatic shock every day, because I am not sleeping and laying down for long periods. My brain is working better too. It seems to be opposite of what should be.... During the day hours I tend to feel 'amped' up, kinda like the adrenaline is flowing and not really taking a break.

I have started CPAP over the past few months, and was using it prior to this, but since this started I have been unable to tolerate it. The weather changes do seem to have something to do with everything.

It has been so weird. I have gotten the amount of chores done in one day that would normally take me over a week.

Anyone had something like this? Any ideas? Ambien not work for others? How much do you need to have it work?

Thanks for any help!!! :)

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Oh, have I been there! Tired and wired.

Propranolol in the morning and melatonin at bedtime works best for me. Have you had your thyroid checked? You could be in a hyperthyroid phase. You could also try a "hard reset" by deliberately NOT sleeping for 24-36 hours and then go to bed. Bright light in the morning and dim light after dusk, no TV or computer light either. Please be careful, this kind of sleep deprivation can get dangerous!

Wishing you sweet dreams and good sleep!

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Oh yeah, been there - done that. I just stay up and try to get just as tired as possible. I guess it's the hard reset that firewatcher is talking about. Also, in my case I think a muscle relxr and pain pill helps to calm the system down. (Sometimes, a mild tranqilizer type - like Serax.) In my case - the flipping in bed will be because I can't get comfortable because of pain. But, my mind doesn't turn off either. Ashwaganda is supposed to be good for this - but I paradoxed with it. I've read that if that happens, you need to lower the dose and gradually build up. It works on the GABA receptors. Anything that works on that system - does the opposite for me. But, I'm sure it is something to do with the autonomic system being whacky. You're not alone. I also have to wear a CPAP and it is IMPOSSIBLE to wear when you are like this. Sometimes, I think the CPAP causes the problem. When we're already super sensitive - this just aggravates the nervous system even more. When I'm really bad - I just prop up with allot of pillows and forego the wearing of the "thing". I hate it. But, it does make a difference and I know I need it. I also have to wear oxygen - at times - so if I can't tolerate the CPAP - sometimes a very small amount of oxygen and being proped up will work. You're not alone in this.

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For me, premesntrual hormones are a huge insomnia trigger. As I get older, premenstrual can last two weeks! Right now I've been taking lunesta, as it's supposed to not only put but keep you asleep. Not perfect, but a help. It does leave me mentally fuzzy. I seem to have more problems with sleep maintenance. In the past klonopin or ativan helped, but most docs will not rx for more than brief periods. When I was wired on high doses of prednisone, they were a big help. Melatonin helps me, but seems to mess with my blood sugar-- I wake up shaky and starving.

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