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Hi everyone-

I have a question and would appreciate your input. I have been taking atenolol for about two months. It has lowered my heart rate but while standing or sometimes even sitting it has lowered my blood pressure to 100/70 or even 90/70. I have started to feel faint when this happened. My cardio just prescribed midrodine because of the low pressure and suggested that I also keep taking the atenolol for the high HR.. Right after I spoke to him I got a high reading for blood pressure of 130/85 while sitting. Not sure what to do about the midrodine because I don't want my blood pressure to go too high. It seems my blood pressure which had been consistent for a while is now swinging in both directions. Does anyone take midrodine on an as needed basis when you need to be standing or sitting for long periods?


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Hi Lynne-

I take 10 mg midodrine three times a day then 5 mg in the evening. Before starting I had had a couple of higher reading (150/100ish) when sitting, but this hasn't gotten any worse since I started taking midodrine. Most of the time I have low bps. Don't know if this helps at all since we all seem to react differently to things. I have also wondered if some people increase their dose prn when they have to stand for a while, because even on 10 mg every 4 hours I run into a lot of difficulty.

Let us know what you decide and how it works.

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I take 10mg of midodrine 3X a day, and a teeny-tiny dose of atenelol (12.5mg, half a 25mg tablet a day) every day as well. I have been having both record low pressures (BP is regularly in the 80/50-90/60 range) but my HR has been so high (137 laying down for over two hours) that I can't justify changing either dose. I am afraid if I reduced my midodrine at all I would be unconscious ever time I tried to sit up, let alone stand. But I am afraid of what would happen to my HR, my tachycardia has just been so bad. My EP said I could alter the dosage of the midodrine as needed, but I would definitely check with your doctor before messing with dosages. Not much advice here, really, but I commiserate!


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I take Midodrine 5mg 3xday along with Mestinon 60mg 3xday. My blood pressure fluctuates from 90s/70s to 140s/100s through out the day. Without the Midodrine and Mestinon, I was basically bed, chair & couch bound. Being on it, I am able to work-I do have a desk job and able to walk again with & without my rollator walker & wheelchair. I have some quality of life back. I don't stand for extended periods of time, because my neurologist told me not too. I can tell when I stand to long and my pressure starts to drop. Very in tune with my body & symptoms. I am just glad to be able to walk again. I am in agreement with others, I wouldn't just self dose, I would ask the doctors to prescribe a recommended dose.

:) Good luck.

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