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After So Much Racing Heart It Feels So Weird


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Does this freak anybody else out?

I'm not on any meds but my resting heart rates have come down for the most part.

I never paid attention before I got sick to my heart rates or blood pressures.

I felt good most of the time.

So now if I take a random bp and get a pulse anywhere in the 60's I think OH NO!

I'm not sure what I expect.

I'm laying down and relaxed so I shouldn't worry-but I do I think oh that's too low.

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I ran into similiar feelings when I changed my diet dramatically in 2005. Within the first few days I stopped feeling jittery all the time and within a week, my narcolepsy was totally gone ... From then on, based on other dietary or supplement changes, various symptoms would either go away or become apparent. As in ... Soy causes phlegm in my throat immediately, HFCS really makes my heart race, grains just make my whole body feel weak, etc ...

Do you know what you did that changed this ? A food, supplement or med journal or daily life journal would be a good idea for now ...

I felt like I'd won the lottery when after all these years of being sick all it took was changing my diet to feel "almost" normal again ... tc .. dizzy

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So what is normal resting hartrate? and what is not? personaly i dont have a clue... I know ust whant thing my puls/hartrate has always been weird. Not that i have really noticed it in my chest much. More like baffeld people when taking it for fun or in gymclass when younger... Like i could have a very low puls at resting, but also to high... And then it would be higher when ust standing and go way down after running a lilte...

I tryed watches some years back, but they really couldnt handle my body. last week i got a new watch, that seems to handle it better. But still not when it goes fast or somthimg... But i never feel my hart race. Like earlyer to day i whent from 95 to 140 when standing, and feelt nothing in the chest. I do feel other stuff ofcourse.. But the past week the few times it goes under 80, then i have feelt my hart. Sort of weird feeling, not really slowing down but beating weird....

I have dealt whit this for years, and it still baffels me... maby some day i will understand it all much better....

And ust woundering how many of us whit pots/dys feeles their hart race? and how many not..? and why this difrense?

have a wounderfull weekend in any way u all can... :D

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I had looked it up and anything between 60-100 is considered normal.

I always remember it being higher than that but that was during the day when I was active when I would take it and mostly it was sitting.

I never remember taking it in the evening when I was relaxed.

I had no reason to even wonder what my heart was doing.

I always felt good and didn't worry at all about things like that.

Oh to get back to that mindset.

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