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New Blood Test Results


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Hello Everyone!

I recently had new blood work drawn that showed a low level of albumin (2.8) when the normal level shouldn't go below 3.5, and a high Ig(A). Anyone familiar with these? I've looked up some stuff on the Internet, but would love to know if others have experienced this and what the tests/treatments were. The hospital was supposed to send someone to talk to me about the low albumin, but I was discharged before this occurred. I was told to get in touch with my cardio about the Ig(A).

Thanks for the help!



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I would investigate the low albumin and see what you need to do to get this up...

Whether it is dietary in nature if you need more protein or what you can do?

That is one of the only things they found wrong with me was that amino acid gap was half what it was supposed to be.

I wish I would have tried to pursue that-was told I was malnourished.

Well why?

I am trying to address the nutrition now and I really wish I would have not put it off.

In all honesty I have been just too weak and confused to know what to do.

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Hi, Jana, There are lots of different types of IGA tests that can be disease specific. What type of IGA test was it? If you think something is up with your immune system the global test to check your immune system is the Total Quantitative Immunoglobulins, the sub IGG panel, IGD and IGE.

If you suspect you may have autoimmune illness going on and considering you already have SFN, which can be autoimmune, getting the tests I mentioned done might be helpful in decerning cause for you. Dr. Levine or anyone at Phoenix Neurological tests for many of the less well known autoimmune illness. He diagnosed and treats several patients that have Stiff persons syndrome, which our erica in orlando was finally diagnosed with. Hematologists can also test for autoimmune disorders of the blood, with the albumin being low you might want to look into that.

So, why were you in the hospital? BTW Dani and I are going to try to meet for coffee or lunch one of these days, she's not driving so it will be somewhere in central chandler, love for you to join us if your up for it.

My treatments have been helping, but I'm waiting now for a referral to infectitious disease, because I've been harbouring some time of bacterial, fungal or viral infectition that we haven't been able to kick with antibiotics. I think the IVIG has helped keep me from getting super sick, when we get the infection under control, I think the IVIG will be even more effectitive, my heart rate is so much better, and my blood pressure isn't swinging as wildly, but I'm still getting hypertensive on standing and talking.

Hope you get to effective treatment soon, like erica in orlando it's been a long road for you.

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Will write more soon, but would love to get together for lunch in Chandler. I tried to PM you, but it wouldn't go through. A weekend would work, any dates in mind? Thanks for the informative email....Will write more soon.


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Hi Jana-

Is your IgA high or low? You mentioned it was low in another post. IF so, low albumin and low IgA would BOTH be suggestive of celiac disease. Have you ever been tested for that? Might want to look into it...

I'd love to join you all for lunch. Can it be somewhere between Georgia and Arizona? :P


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Hey jana, my pm box was full. I deleted a few so there is room for a new one. I really wish they'd let you have more then 50, it ends up being only 25 sends and 25 receives. So pm when you get a chance, dani thought it would be great too, if you joined us.

Yes, julie it would be great for you to join us, non of us travel to well though do we. If you ever come to visit the grand canyon state, look us up. We have a gorgeous state to explore.

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Hi Arizona Girl,

If your PM box is getting too full, you can archive conversations and have them sent to your email account. This feature is found in the PM system. Anytime you have a conversation open you will see a box to the left that says, "Archive Conversation." Clicking the "Send Now" button within that box will send the message to your email address.

If you need more storage space for messages, you are also welcome to use email for communication instead of the PM system. Many members do allow emails to be sent to them from fellow DINET members. Under a member’s profile you will see a box that says, “Contact Information.” If the member has allowed emails from DINET, then there will be a link there that says, “Click here to email me.”

The forum is a service that DINET offers for free to all members; however, the forum is not free for DINET. There are yearly costs associated with maintaining this forum. Increasing PM storage limits for all members would increase the memory space we need.


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