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I was diagnosed with shingles and prescribed anti-virals, but am still having a difficult time recovering. I am continuing to get breakouts. Has anyone struggled with shingles? Please tell me what helped you heal. Does POTS interfere with the immune system? I normally recover from illnesses ok, but the doctors are baffled by my continuing breakouts. Advice/opinions appreciated!!!

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Hi Hummingbird!

Isn't Neurontin (Gabapentin) usually given for the nerve pain of shingles? I'm taking the medication since last Friday for nerve root compression in the spinal vertebre. It's working. I'd call my doc and ask about it. I know others with shingles that have taken it successfully also (my MIL for one). BTW--last Friday when I saw my doctor, he gave my husband and I prescriptions for the shingles vaccine. Took it to the pharmacy--$230 cash. Plus, they didn't have any--we were placed on a waiting list! I must REALLY live in the boonies.... Best of luck--hope you feel better soon, Susan

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