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Age At Diagnosis

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I am a sixty two year old woman who was diagnosed with POTS last month at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I notice that most of the other members are much younger. Are there other members who are close to my age. What has been the experience for others in this age group.

I suffer from horrible fatigue in addition to postural tachycardia. I am currently taking atenolol which is helping with the tachycardia but i believe the fatigue is worse. I have also recently been diagnosed with cervical stenosis.

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I too am a newbie and will be 71 next week. I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with autonomic insufficiency and POTS. Mine began after extensive spinal and thoracic surgery where there were injuries to my thoracic sympathetic nerves. Once I was finally diagnosed I was put on Florinef, metoprolol, increased salt and water intake. I've recently been switched from the metoprolol to Nadolol and it works much better for me. I did not do well on attenolol.

It may well be that it's more difficult to get docs to listen to symptoms of fatigue or even lightheadedness since they so often blame the symptoms on our age. I hope this helps you.


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