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Drama Queen


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I had to be somewhere weds. Got there and remembered that I needed to take

my AM Norpace. I go home and take an immediate release which I have for

times that I need it up to levels fast.

Oppsy daisy not fast enough . I am the star of the pavement, complete with

convulsions. The good news is they let me stay to take care of the business at hand and drive home, because the Dr. whom the EMTs

called agreed that I'd be fine soon.

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Oh yea there was Drama.

The EMT was handsome one male, one female and they both were excellent,

smart , friendly.

One bystander texted his daughter(Dr. I think) and then tried to explain

a little about neurocardiogenic syncope. Silly guy- I kinda know.

Another said I should carry a Medic alert card. I'm like .yea, its in my wallet.

Everyone meant well tho.

I'm good. I laid down with my hood up cause I knew it was coming. I tryed to alert someone.

He didn't speak english. HA!

I was a little sore. It could have been alot worse.

thanks for the replies

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REEEEEEN....You are always so thoughtful and caring ~ And even though the world can never have enough souls as marvelous as yours ~ I want you to trust that the sidewalks and pavements are fine and not at all lonely!!! AKA - Leave them alone LOL... Poor Reen - I am so sorry this happened to you and also Pat! I hope you are healing well --- well I guess enjoy the new spectacles even though they came about in a simply dreadful way.... I don't know what we'd do without a sense of humor ~~ I have to laugh at the daily shenanigans I go through to make it through a day - and I swear my sx's are not as severe as so many here! Safety first - sure that's fine for a baseline healthy practice....but the saying gets kind of lost when we get blindsided with crazy vitals, crazy pains, crazy balance issues that have our rubber meet the road so crazy unpredictable and fast! I swear if I wore all the braces that I've been stuffing in my closet to help with the EDS stuff - it's like a full set of armour - all I'd need is a bike helmet and then falls? Bring it (JUST Kiddin ;-)

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Thanks for the healing wishes, truly appreciated. I laughed out loud at your sidewalk remark.

I can't afford to replace the progressives and had to go with bifocals so I will have to see how I make out with the glasses.

I know what you mean about all the braces. Math quiz - If it takes an hour to get up and dressed and an hour to put on the braces and you only have two hours of energy per day, how likely are you to leave the house?

hope you have a good day. The weather should be good in your neck of the non-woods.

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