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I've been on florinef for about a month. 0.1mg didn't seem to do anything so, a week ago, my doc increased me to 0.2mg.

Headache. Ohhh, headache.

My bp is up around 105/68 - 112/73, which probably does help with the pre-syncope but I can't say for sure because I'm too busy concentrating on the headache (and ignoring the nausea that comes with it) to pay attention.

Another thing I've noticed is that my feet turn hideously purple. Standing, sitting normally in a chair. They went blue before, but never this deep a shade.

I read that florinef sometimes takes some time to adjust to. How long a time, for anyone who had problems with it and stuck it out? Because I'm kind of ready to poke my eye out.

If it's still like this tomorrow, I'll probably call the doc and throw in the towel. Advil's not touching this thing and it's been here, on and off, for 3 days. I prefer blacking out.

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I'm sorry you're going through this!!

I'm one of those people who absolutely cannot take Florinef. I was shaky, confused, very weak, agitated, hungry-but-nauseous. I know there's "side effects" with most meds, and I know I have to take smaller amounts than most people (have no idea why) -- but there's "side effects" and then there's "this is making me so ill I can't take it." I really don't have a pill/med phobia, so I know it's not imagined.

It took me a day or two to get the Florinef out of my system and get back to my usual (crappy!) state. Midodrine has worked much better for me - again, very small doses, but at least it doesn't make me feel like I'm dying! (I have no idea if this is relevant, but I have neurally mediated hypotension, not POTS.)

Maybe you should try tapering off over the next few days and see if you feel any better, rather than stopping it suddenly.

I hope the "ow" goes away soon!! :)

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That's a very high dose (which works for some!) and the headache is a tell-tale sign of hypertension. I hear that your BP is low, but I assume that you are taking that in a sitting position. I wonder wheat it is when you are upright or uptight :blink:

I would call your doc and unless he says you have to taper down; I would resume the last comfortable dosage you were taking. This is clearly not the ned for you at that dose. Sorry!



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Guest letitbe

I never had headaches or blue feet either. Am on 2mg as well but not at once. 1 mg twice a day except it doesn't work anymore so I do not know why I am still on it.

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Hi Libby,

I can't tolerate Midodrine or Florinef, which is too bad since I have severe orthostatic intolerance. Perhaps you should ask your doctor if you can take a smaller dose, halfway between the two, and see if that helps with the side effects. A lot of us are very sensitive to meds, so we have to start on tiny doses and move up very slowly.

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I can't take florinef for any length of time. I generally will go on it very short term to stabilize by BP, and taper off as soon as possible. Why? Because migraines are a known and common side effect of florinef, and I get enough migraines under the best of circumstances. Just know that it is NOT a drug you can abruptly stop, if you are having problems, call your doc to plan a taper.


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Ah, the classic Florinef headache. Not fun! You may need to tinker around with the dose with your doctor's permission. Maybe 1.5 tablets? The tablets can be broken in halves and even fourths. It is a balancing act between finding a dose that is helpful and not going overboard. 0.1-0.2mg is a middle of the line dose. Maybe you are noticing the pooling of blood now that you have more due to Florinef. You should report swelling to your doctor.

Yes, Florinef promotes sodium and fluid retention by mimicking aldosterone. It also has mild vasoconstrictive properties.

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