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Need Your Help Again

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So its been a week since Ive been off of the florinef and while my spikes have definately come down my blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels are all over the place. Now when I stand, my bp is dropping and my hr picks up. I tried walking around the grocery store for ten minutes and almost passed out. I got really hot, sweaty, dizzy and my heart was racing. Before going off the florinef I was fine walking around the store. Now when I get up, I get out of breath almost immediately. Ive also noticed that my blood sugar levels keep dropping and no matter what I eat, within an hour they are right back down. The only good thing not being on the florinef is that my resting heart rate has been lower.

Ahh, Im not sure how to fix this. Im low without florinef and high on florinef and I was only taking 1/4-1/2 tab 1x a day. Maybe increase the midodrine?

And why is my blood sugar actinf up in response to all this? I dont have a good pots doc at the moment, so any insight from all of you would be helpful when I talk to my cardiologist. Im gonna try and get an appt this week cause theres no way I can wait till next week. Im on the verge of losing my job bc Im missing so much work.

Thanks everyone!!!

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