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Eds And Dysautonomia

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My daughter has diagnoses POTS and Ehlers Danlos Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. She get very dizzy and nauseous when looking left. Today she woke and had arm tingling and feels that her cervical spine is, "Out of place." Can a subluxed vertebrae cause this? Can vertebral artery compression cause this? She went to the hospital and they said she was not having a stroke and took no x-rays. They said it may be inner ear. When she rolls left she does not experience any nausea or dizziness only with cervical spine left rotation or extension. Inner ear does not seem to be the problem. Any ideas or thought on this would be appreciated.

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Yes subluxating the vertebrae can cause vertebral artery compression, and cause the symptoms you daughter is having.

You daughter received, "below the standard fo care" at the hospital you went to. In light of her also having EDS, she should have definately been evaluated further by a neurologist or neurosurgeon, and they should have done and MRA, MRI to see if her vertebral artery is compressed. If she has a history of neck instability you need to push the issue more with her doctors, and make them do their job. You and your daughter have the right to have decent medical care! I'm sorry you both were dismissed like this by whoever treated you at the hospital!

When I try to advocate for myself, I get treated very poorly, but there's occasions it actually works. ;)

Advocate for your daughter and yourself, and don't be shy to ask someone to help advocate if you aren't comfortable with it yet.

Take Care,

Maxine :0)

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By the way, "the inner ear" is usually what a "clueless" doctor will diagnose when they don't know what the heck they're doing. They cannot make that diagnosis unless an ENT (ear nose throat)doctor evaluates them. Or the doctor has ruled out other causes. When they do no testing,neuro exam, and slap a possible inner ear problem on you...it's a big red flag that you're being blown off.


Julie :0) :o

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