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I have noticed that during the past year that the veins on the underside of my arms, from the wrist down along the forearm, have slowly begun to fade. When I raise my arms the blood pressure in my arms fades and the veins almost disappear. I assume this is because of my dysautonomia or maybe this is perfectly normal. I know that they do not look as stong and are not as visible as they were a year ago. Has this happened to anyone else?



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on the topic of veins, i too have some weirdness. the veins in my hands and feet, and to a lesser extent, my forearms and calves, really bulge out a lot (depending on how warm and/or hydrated i am) in comparison to everyone else i look at, and it's also somehow tied to gravity. if my arms are hanging down at my sides for more than half a minute, my hands resemble ahh-nold back in his conan the barbarian days.

ditto with the feet when i stand in place. and when i come out of the shower or bath, my feet do the same thing. in fact, they look like they are about to explode, and they get really purple (or some kind of red/blue). this started happening around the end of high school, and i never thought much about it except that i thought it looked strange and kind of unattractive. but then i found out about the blood pooling in the limbs thing, so it could totally be related to POTS. or not. but probably is, i think. the shower thing is the kicker for me. it makes sense.

so, i guess i have the opposite thing going on, tim...

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does anyone get collapsing veins? never use to get this until i developed pots. if i flex my bicep instead of the veins bulging out like the use to they indent all over. they do this if i raise my hands straight in the air too. i showed my doctor this and he said it was normal. I don't think so. when i do leg raises while lying on my back all the veins in my feet collapse and my feet and toes go white. then they go back to normal as soon as i lower my legs.

my feet also go redish purple when i stand or shower. i think some of it has to do with the fact that most of us aren't as active as we use to be. when i use to be able to weight lift i had alot more musle bulk and my limbs were very vascular. a year and a half with no gym has left my muscles thin, weak and indented veins.

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