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Am I Working My Body Too Much?


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I just started working out in the mornings and I'm wondering if Im working my body too much. My main concern is taking a 20mg IR adderall and lifting weights. I mean, I felt great working out. I actually didn't experience palpitations, just fast heart beat, but it beats fast all the time, so no difference there. I come home, take a shower, and I start to feel crappy again. After this ill have a black cup of coffee and Ill feel fine again.

Is this working my heart too much? Taking adderall and about 2 and a half hours later drinking coffee?

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I have to say that my exercise experiences are somewhat similar and I'm interested in why coffee makes you feel better. When I workout I get the same type of response, I feel relatively OK and able to do a decent amount on the recumbent bike and my HR goes to normal high ranges but it's the recovery time that’s slow and I often feel much worse the next day. Sorta feels like one step forward and two steps back...

I've read that caffeine (coffee in particular) is a tolerated vasoconstrictor for some and can help counteract the pooling effects. My best guess would be that the caffeine helps to restrict the blood vessels allowing blood to more appropriately return throughout the body and help your muscles to recover. I have noticed a direct correlation with pooling and feeling at my worst. When I haven't slept well or eat a large meal and have noticeably increased pooling effects I definitely can't exercise.

I don't have any experience with Adderall but am wondering how much it helps. Do you think it maybe wares off once you're finished working out and increased pooling begins again?

Personally I've had some luck with creatine helping my recovery. I used to take it for years when I ran track in college and it worked wonders, but now since becoming ill I've just started at a low amount on workout days with some success in terms of my recovery time but it's still early. I also just started taking midodrine at a low dosage which seems to help me get through the day.

The other thing I've looked at is exercising in the PM when possible since mornings tend to be worse for me although when I was healthy I always felt better when exercising in the mornings versus at night, so I'm not sure this makes much difference.

Take care and I hope you find a solution to this quickly!

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I can't answer questions about the adderall. I would talk to your doc about whether mixing what is probably still in your system with coffee is ok.

As for your experience before, during, and after exercise I would have to say that it is the same thing I experience. I generally handle working out fairly well and as long as I don't push it like crazy I feel great during my workout (If I overdo it I can end up pretty dizzy at the end and after my workout). I have an hour with give or take where I feel great (more alert, less dizzy, less brainfog). Then that wears off and the dizziness returns and I will be way more tired/fatigued. On nights I work out (I hit the gym in the late afternoon before I head home, usually 3:30-4:30) I tend to get home, showered, and then I crash on the bed and want to sleep-- which is very unusual for me during the day, and annoying now that I have started midodrene. Coffee will get me going, and can sometimes help even with the dizziness but I usually have to have between 2-3 cups to get the vasocostriction and feel alive. Obviously, that isn't the best at 5 p.m. and can cause some other symptoms like shaking and flushing from the caffeine.

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Guest tearose

From my experience, you will know soon enough if you are working your heart too much...it will hurt!

Do some personal record to keeping for a week. Gain an awareness of how high your daily rate is , when it is high and see if you are living in the SVT zone too much. I would then speak with the trainer you use or your cardiologist and discuss the totals.

Keep up the good work and I hope you feel better soon.

best regards,


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I maybe able to help with regards to the coffee helping you, due to my experience on other forums mainly to do with Myasthenia Gravis.

Mestinon which some of us take helps people with low bp on keeping their BP elevated on standing. Caffine (coffee, tea, chocolate), Potatoes, Aubergines, Tomatoes all contain the chemical which due to brain fog I know begins with an A but I am bug***d if I can remember it! So acts the same way as mestinon on the BP.

A lot of MG sufferers find they self medicate without realising when they are ill as their bodies naturally crave cola, coffee or Chocolate.

Also on the forum I visit they advise if anyone is going for an SFEMG or EMG (nerve conduction studies) to avoid having the above mentioned foods, along with abstaining from smoking for at least 3 hours before (as nicotine also enhances the activity of the neuromuscular junction - due to the nicotinic receptors at the neuro muscular junction - why can I remember this and not the A word!!) as having these naturally occuring chemicals in the blood could affect the baseline. Many people with a clinical picture of MG have negative SFEMG's which leads them to not getting a diagnosis, even though their symptoms improve on mestinon.

So perhaps this is why the coffee makes you feel better, especially after you have worked out? As it is keeping the A chemical at the neuro muscular junction or the ganglionic receptors? (think its acetocholine? some one please correct me if I am wrong)

Sorry this post is a bit of a ramble, should have waited until my head was a bit clearer. The forum I use about MG is Neurotalk if you search there you will find a lot of posts about caffine etc.


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