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finally up and around


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My pain isn't exactly under control, but I don't feel like laying around today. I'm on tramadol (ultram) 50mgs 3 times a day for pain, and I'm taking some low dose prednisone for about a week. I am starting a new drug called cymbalta, Anyone ever here of it or use it? I'm not sure if I want to take it while I'm on the pred. as it makes me feel funny. (:P wee I'm flying!)

Just so you know, I have been reading, just not typing, it still hurts to but I want to.


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Just curious. . . this low dose prednisone you are on. . .what is the name of it- if you happen to know. I was reading about low dose hydrocorisone and how it can help with an overly stimulated immune system- and all the effects that go with it- low enough dose so as not to cause adrenal suppression which a higher dose can cause. I am not sure if it is actually a form of prednisone- will have to research further. Anyway- when you are not feeling too funny ( :P ) and when it doesn't hurt to type so much, (i.e. when it feel okay for you to get into details)- I am wondering for how long you are to take this low dose prednisone. It will be interesting to know how you fare after a bit of time on it. I hope it helps.

Meanwhile- ponder these things until you are ready and able to answer and hope you feel some relief!!!!


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I tried Cymbalta for a few days. I'm on Paxil for my POTS and my regular doctor thought it was causing night sweats so he wanted me to switch to Cymbalta. My doctor who treats POTS didn't want me to switch because he said it hadn't been proven to help POTS. I tried it anyways - for about 4 days - and by the last day I couldn't even leave the house because I was starting to pass out so many times again. Probably doesn't affect everyone the same, but it definitely didn't work as well for me.


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Cymbalta is an antidepressant similar to Effexor, but without as many side effects. I have a friend who's taking it for migraines, and although it's not helping with those, she says she feels better in terms of mood and is more functional. It seems to help those who have an emotional component to their illness -- although what illness doesn't have an emotional component?!

Hope it works for you. I would start at a low dose and stick with it for at least a month or two, because sometimes it takes that long to see results with these kinds of meds.


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thanks for checking in with us. i know what you mean about reading, but not posting. we all do that from time to time...all depends on our potshole! and if it hurts too much to type, as in your case.

i'm glad that you posted though, just to check in and let us know you're still out there. i hope you have a couple of 'good' days over the holidays.

that is what i have been hoping for...you know how if you have a bad dress rehearsal, then sometimes you have a great performance? so, i was hoping, well i'm having all of these bad days, so that means i'm getting them out of my system before my visitors come! :P hope that happens!

later alligator!


p.s. i take effexor xr and like it a lot...never tried cymbalta

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Thanks All.

Beverly- the Prednisone is just that prednisone. It is similar to hydoc. but they are not the same thing. I'm on the pred. for an inflamation in my spinal column between C3 and T6. I got a shot of 40mgs, and then I'm taking 2 days of 20mgs, 2 days of 10mgs and finishing off with 4 days of 5mgs, then done. I can't take it long term as I gain tons of weight on it.

Kristen and Amy- I was on paxil for a long time stopped due to increased liver enzyme trouble, when I started again, I just couldn't stomache it. I couldn't handle effexor either, tried it for about 3 weeks, I was so wired I would stay up for days at a time. Per the dose I'm on, it is 30 mgs. the first 2 nites have been ok. I have a 2 week supply from the doc, if all goes well, he'll give me 2 more weeks. If all goes well, we'll discuss going up, or holding there. The reason we are trying it is that some people with fibro/CFS ( like me ) do really well on it.

Emily-Even though I don't write often, I like to check in. I only have to have 2 good days, 25th and 26th. One day we go to my Mom's here in town, not so bad. The 26th we are heading out of town to my hubby's aunt's house, about a 45 minute drive, not to bad, not to good. I still haven't decided if I'm going yet.

Have to get off, I'm starting to shake from the Prednisone again.

Thanks again all!! :rolleyes:


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