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Plagued by Nightmares


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Okay, I was just awakened by a weird nightmare and my heart was racing. I''m okay now, but wide awake, so I thought I'd post for a while. The Klonopin I started on about 2 weeks ago seemed to help me tremendously with alleviating nightmares and heart racing in the middle of the night but not so much now. In the past whenever I had nightmares, which wasn't very often, I would never have the heart racing and sometimes arrhythmias that I get now since I've had POTS.

I know I've brought this up before about nightmares, but I wanted to make a separate post to see if anyone has any good ideas on how to stop having these crazy dreams and if you go through phases of having them too. At first my nightmares were mostly about issues going on with my mom or my two brothers. But now I've been having dreams about people I don't even know and they turn into either really intense yelling/screaming situations or else it's a more typical nightmare of someone is chasing me.

I don't have any fears or thoughts related to anything in my dreams during the day, so I have no idea where these crazy dreams are coming from.

Has anyone had similar nightmare phases with POTS, and what can you do about them? I remember Beverly mentioning that Nicole had some nightmare phases.

It's so frustrating not being able to control the subconcious at night...otherwise I'd be sleeping quite well! :)

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Gena, sorry the nightmares are back. I wish I knew an answer but I don't as to why these happen as related to the ANS. I have about 3 different sleep patterns and my body decides when I go from one to another and in the same regard I have times when I will have nightmares several nights running. I don't always wake with heart racing but occasionally. A friend of mine read somewhere that nightmares are usually an indication that you are low in a vitamin...she couldn't remember which one and I haven't seen my doctor to ask him. I guess that is possible. I know some days I get a better variety of foods in my diet than others and maybe I miss some nutrients on the not-so-good days.

I can never find anything that triggers them when they happen. I stopped watching the evening news years ago thinking seeing all the bad news before bed could be a trigger. I do know that as I have improved, I have had fewer incidents of them and now only rarely go through these periods. I also read recently in a magazine article that if you do NOT dream, you are not really getting the best sleep. Wonder what the answer to what if the dreams are nightmares???? I know I don't wake up rested, do you! I have observed that when I nap in the day time I have never had the nightmares....so, take more naps is my answer, I guess!

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Hey Gena,

I sometimes get nightmares because my heart is beating too fast or because I have to go to the bathroom. I think my body is waking me up to tell me that something isn't right.

Also, are you taking any other meds or supplements at night other than the Klonopin? It could be a side effect of something or could just be the POTS.


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Hi Gena,

I'm so sorry that you have been plagued with these nightmares. Presently Nicole isn't having nightmares per se like she was having but if, after sleeping very deeply though the night, if she then gets up to use the bathroom in the morning and then goes back to sleep - she might have a very vivid dream during that time which is unlike regular dreaming. The dreams are weird but without the terror of a nightmare.

I'm glad that the Klonapin is helping you sleep better and at least reducing these nightmares as well as alleviating your racing heart. I hope your sleep continues to improve and these nightmares stop.


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