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Flare Ups


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Well here I go again. A major flare up today. I noticed over the past two days that I was becoming increasingly fatigued, but that happens a lot. But today was a full flare with high bp and hr in the 136's. Then the panic attack started because I felt out of control. What in the world triggers these attacks and why. I wish I knew so I could stay away from what ever it is that is doing this to my body and mind. Because of this flare up it will take me two days just to feel better and that's if I start to have a good day tomorrow, if not the cycle continues.

Any have any advice? I am now staying home all day, so its not work related. I don't go anywhere.


Dixie :(

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Hi Dixie,

It seems like there is no rhyme or reason to my flare ups. Sometimes when I do too much around the house or perhaps eat something that doesn't agree with me. I haven't quite figured this condition out yet. I stay home all day too and it's very hard to deal with this. It's difficult for me to get out and go anywhere because of my symptoms. I think we all struggle with panic and anxiety in some form or another, some of us more or less than others. I try to stay as calm as possible and rest through my episodes. I recently read that drinking 16 oz. of water rapidly will bring a high heart rate down. I wish I could give more advice than this. My faith is what gets me through the terrible moments you describe. Just hang in there and take comfort in the good moments when you feel well.


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There are so many things that affect this it is crazy making!

I wanted to mention keeping an eye on weather changes and noting if that impacts how you feel. Barometer changes are horrific for me.

It is difficult to keep exercising but getting deconditioned is worse.

Hope this flare passes quickly,


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For me I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a systemic autoimmune disease and it flares up exactly for me the same way POTS does. I guess because of that fact and the fact its established that AS just does that, I can accept POTS flares ok and understand that for me at least its just random.

Actually the main trigger for me for POTS are aeroplane flight and an AS flare.

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