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Just Started The Mini Pill


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Hey guys,

I've just started taking the mini pill and have headache, nausea and - but I'm not sure if I'm imagining it - it feels like anxiety/worse POTS symptoms. Has anyone started taking the pill after getting sick? Do you remember how long the side effects lasted? I tried taking the combination pill recently but got a migraine so I stopped.

Thanks :)

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I recently switched to a higher-dose birth control pill so I only have cycles four times a year, no break-through bleeding, etc. They also stop my migraine I used to get during my cycle.

I had really bad nausea for about two weeks until I adjusted. That was my worst symptom. I hoped it'd go away and it did 95% of the time so I can't complain! I was told it can take a month or two to really adjust on a new pill, though.

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