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Connective Tissue Disorder-Which One?


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If I'm remembering correctly (which is a BIG "if") I think there is a type of EDS where people don't have much, if any, joint hypermobility. You might check out the EDS websites for that info. There are apparently genetic tests (some are blood tests and I think some are biopsies??) for all the types of EDS except for the hypermobile type.

Also, I remember seeing somewhere that there are about 200 different types of different connective tissue disorders, most of which aren't identified yet. So, you may not get a "name" for it other than connective tissue disorder. ;)

Good luck!

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Dr Francomano in Baltimore is an expert on EDS and other genetic connective tissue diseases. She changed my first geneticist's diagnosis from type III to type II, and also told me about some Marfans overlaps no one ever noticed/told me about. :blink:

Some geneticists will do a skin biopsy to diagnose EDS but as folks have mentioned, testing won't diagnose all forms of EDS. A lot of people have been diagnosed with EDS without a lab test.

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