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Finally Got A New Diagnosis...


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My doctors FINALLY diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have know for awhile that i might have it though. It seems like i have more CFS than POTS at the moment. Does having POTS automatically make you have CFS or are they completely separate?

i am happy that i have answers now ( The epstein barr virus is causing the chronic fatigue) but at the same time i am worried that now i know whats wrong, i will never get better. Can you recover from CFS?

Sorry if things dont make sense, today is a really bad day for me

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I have had CFS for 18 years. Just got POTS two years ago. I take great supplements on a schedule with a CFS doctor. I do great with the fatigue. DRibose and CoQ10 are good for me. I take a lot of things that help.

You can get much better and usually stress can make you feel worse, relapse. Many conditions are things you do not get a cure with. You live with it and deal with by doing things that keep you healthy. Do not get sad about having CFS. Learn all you can just like with POTS.

Getting great sleep is number one. Getting blood tests for B12, vit D3, thyroid etc. and having a good doc. is important. For me, the supplements have made my CFS no problem. My POTS is my problem now and it is improving.

I take supplements for my immune system to keep me healthy.

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