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Just How Do You Get In All The Salt?


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This just seems impossible. I really need suggestions on how to get all this in for my son? Dr. said 5 to six grams. I measured out 2 tsp of kosher salt which should be about 4 grams. That is a lot. I have been adding it to plain water, vitamin water zero's, OJ. Some works, some not so much.

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I give my son Thermotabs. Both his specialists like this method. He takes 6 Thermotabs a day. They are buffered so they aren't hard on the stomach. He isn't supposed to take them after 3 pm though. They are pretty cheap as well, I get them at Walgreens.

Christy, I had read salt tablets might be bad because it diverts fluid in the body to the stomach. Are these tabs a smaller size maybe and does he take them with food?

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My docs seem to want to avoid salt tabs too, telling me I should be able to get it in my diet. It is very difficult and for the most part I can't get it all in either. I looked into the salt tabs anyway, in desperation, but 1 gram tabs contained less than 400mg sodium so I don't think it's be worth it (being an adult I've been told to take in even more sodium than your son). I drink broth, add salt to food and my drinks, but when you can't stomach much to begin with it's hard. You've probably tried everything already but just in case, there's an old post of mine abouthte same topic, maybe it has a new idea?

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Well, he is sure getting sick of salt, salt, salt already. He is a teen and the nature of the beast is oppositional :) Just kidding for the most part, he is a sweet agreeable kid, except for the anxiety mood swings - then look out! But he has never liked salty foods, or chips, popcorn, that kind of thing. He did find out he can take pretzels, he will chug a v8 (for now), the Ramon Noodles are a good idea.

I will try to get some of the tabs and just see how they work for him.


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I recently re-discovered a cooking technique that I had used only for Thanksgiving: brining. It really ups the sodium content of meat and makes it really tasty and juicy without tasting salty. I brine chicken, turkey breast and pork loin. I did it to make chicken salad for my son to take to school that wasn't tough and dry, but it also makes excellent baked chicken and bar-b-cue (both chicken and pork.)

My basic recipe:

1 cup Sea Salt (Kosher salt is OK, but not table salt!)

1/2 cup Maple syrup

1/2 cup Molasses

3 tablespoons Crushed Peppercorns

2 tablespoons Dried Basil

1 Small onion

1 1/2 liters of water and same amount of ice.

Boil the water, add everything but ice and simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to cool and then dump over the ice. Add meat, making sure that it is completely covered by brine, and chill for 1-6 hours (only works below 40 degrees F.) Remove the meat, rinse, season and cook.

This increases the sodium content almost 10X per serving.

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Thanks for a GREAT tip! A really good idea. I'll try it out. (Now of course I have to remember to leave some meat out of the brine for my mother in law who lives with us and has to be on restricted sodium diet.)

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10 years ago I had a scare with my kidney and I was put on a very low sodium diet for the last 10 years! (no wonder I felt so bad). I went back to the same nutritionist that I used to get on the low sodium diet and helped me make choices for the high sodium diet.

I can't take salt tablets because of my kidney scare (I only have one kidney so I want to be nice to it!) Taking salt tablets vs uping soduim intake via food is supposed to cause less kidney stones according to several doctors that refused to prescribe salt tablets.

My goal was to get lots of protien (my muscles are starting to atrophy from inactivity), not too much sugar, and get my salt intake up.

I have tried to be creative with foods I like so I don't dread eating. I also find I have to eat small meals.

I will take half a einsteins bagel in the morning and put one egg with some salt on it. I will use the other half of the bagel for lunch with some roast beef or turkey and half a pickel on the side. These 2 items give over 2g of soduim.

I drink one powerade throught the day, switching off with water. This is 400mg.

I have become very creative with soup based casseroles or adding extras to can souped as dinner.

My husband gets a costco chicken every sunday(they are loaded with sodium) and then I make a terrakyi bowl or pot pie out of the leftovers monday.

I snack on crakers and a few chips, homemade salt chex mix or nuts throughtout the day (I always carry a baggie with me if I go out with these items).

My dr recommended 10-12g and I think I do much better around 5g.

In order to keep my family healthy and not have to cook seperatly, I use a Gordon ramsey suggestion of mini casserole dishes. I bought a set of 4 le cresuet mini bakeware. This way I can make my portion have more sodium and my husband and the kids a bit more healthy.

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