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Saline solution


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In my experience, the relief of symptoms comes much faster.  For some people, salt tablets maybe don't help at all at times--whereas the IV does give temporary relief?

I think the risks of taking salt tablets is far lower than the risks (which are not high in most cases) associated with IV therapy.


How often do you have IV therapy? Does the insurance give you problmes in paying for it? I'm on Medicaid so I thought they might. They don't like to pay for anything a little out of the ordinary. I'm wondering if it would help me after my period because the symptoms get really bad then and then it takes days before I can get out of bed.


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Hi friday

no, I don't get IV therapy anymore. I had it several times during pregnancy and post partum when I was undiagnosed, but sick with POTS. That's where my experience with it comes. I always felt like a new person afterwards--although no one knew why it was helping. Yes, it was covered by my insurance as part of pre-natal care. I had great coverage for pre-natal care.

Salt tablets provide a delayed relief, and not as much relief, perhaps, for someone pretty ill with POTS. But, have you tried taking salt tablets for several days prior to the start of your period--or stepping up your salt intake at that time? That's what my doctor continues to recommend that I do, since I sometimes feel crappy right after my period.

Hopefully some others with more experience with IV therapy will respond too.

Sorry you are having such a rough time.


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I get IV therapy on a periodic basis as needed. If things are unstable and not improving I always get IV fluids. It is definitely a fast acting remedy if your body needs fluid volume. I have never had a problem getting my insurance to pay for it...although I am not on Medicaid or Medicare. The key is to get your doctor to refer you to have it done. Going to the emergency room for fluids (which is sometimes a necessity for all of us I'm sure) is much more of a hassle and I try to avoid it if I can.

I have taken salt tablets as well, but somehow they don't seem to help me.

Good luck.


I had heard that some people benifit from getting saline IV's when they are really bad. I was wondering what the difference is between this and taking salt tablets.


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My cardiologist also suggested a saline solution for me, and said I should decide by my next appt. (next week). He told me that it gives almost conplete relief for about 48 hours and most people are free from fatigue and rarely pass out. He did say, that the effect wears off and then you're back to square one. He told me I could have saline IV at home for a couple days, but that I should know it often is very emotionally upsetting (to be able to live normally, and then start being sick again). I want to do it, but my parents are more hesitant.

If you decide to do it, let me know how you feel.


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