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Does anyone here take Mestinon?


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I was wondering if anyone here has tried Mestinon to help with POTS syptoms? My doctor has had me on it for a few months but it doesn't seemt o be doing anything. I thought maybe I was feeling a little more energy at first but now I just feel lousy again, and very weak. I haven't been able to do much of anything lately.


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Hi Sue,

Yes I'm on mestinon and to stay short, it DOES work for me in standing any longer (not more than about 10 minutes though) and so I can do some more things, but it also makes me have bad stomach aches, muslcemovements in the face (in increasing the mestinon to 2x2 = 240mg a day), strange speech (sometimes like drunk) and I thought there was some more which I've forgotten. I'm considering if I should continue with the mestinon because the trouble it gives me is becoming more than the good things it does (I'm sorry, can't find the correct words today). Oh and it also makes me move any better, but that doesn't help me when I'm feeling so bad. I'm sorry hope this helps you, but I know I'm a bit confused today. Maybe it would have been better to post on another day,


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