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Swimming Pool / Water Pressure Makes Me Feel Worse


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I have read that most of us feel better in a swimming pool because of the water pressure.

For some reason, I feel worse! I feel like the pressure of the water is too great around my body (mainly around my chest area), and I cant get a good deep breath in. I feel like the water is squeezing and suffocating me...and it doesnt feel good.

It doesnt even have tobe a huge volume of water - I even get this feeling in the bath.

Does anyone else feel like this? Or can tell me why I feel like this?


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This used to happen to me often as a small child. I remember going to the side of the pool and pulling myself up so that I could get a good, deep breath in, and then I would go back to playing. I didn't have to pull my whole body out of the water; I just had to get my chest out of the water. As far as I know, the difficulty breathing was just from the water pressure.

It is easier for me to breathe while in the pool now that I am tall enough to stand in the shallow end and have my chest out of the water. I do like being in the pool when I can, which is seldom. It is easier for me to swim than it is for me to walk. I also like being able to stand up in the pool. The water pressure feels great on my legs.


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