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Weird Episode Like A Waking Seizure Caused By Drop In Bp- Anyone Get This?


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It's years since I last had an episode this odd. I stood up this morning after sitting watching tv for half an hour. I stretched just ONE arm above my head, rather than two, in case it made me feel faint.

As I did, I felt a rush in my head, my vision went dim and I got very disorientated.

I flopped back down into the chair I'd been sitting in.

I had tingling in my tongue, my vision had sparks of electricity in it, and my hands, fingers, arms and feet twitched uncontrollably for about 30 seconds.

My posture was upright but I couldn't respond to my mother who was shouting at me because she knew I was having an episode. I was aware of her speaking. But I couldn't see properly. My ears were buzzing.

I had not hyperventilated as far as my mother or I am aware.

Does anyone else ever get this? Does anyone know what could cause it? My guess is, as I'm due a period, my bp flatlined briefly, causing a hypoxic reaction which led to the twitching and altered sensory perception?

I hadrly ever get episodes that take my by surprise like this. I'm now feeling pretty tingly and woozy and it's over an hour since it happened. I still have very minor 'glittery rain' in my vision.

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My daughter had a very similar episode as you describe a while ago. I have tried to explain it to her neuro but he looks at me puzzled and says she tested negative for seizures. I don't think it was actually a seizure, just similar. She was awake, eyes wide open, could hear but could not respond.

I hope you do find someone who can help you with this.

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Sorry Persephone- that sounds scary. I had something like that happen once. I was a teenager. I also had just arisen from sleeping. I sat at a stool in front of my dresser & the next thing I remember was waking up on the floor with my tongue thrashing wildly and my limbs flailing. Very scary. I have since read that a drop in BP can cause syncope and seizure- like activity perhaps due to hypoxia. These are not TRUE seizures, but look undistinguishable.

Something similar happened to my Grandmother, She was at Church with my Mom & fainted and had seizure-like activity. Both of our EEG's are normal. We both have autonomic dysfunction.

Sounds like you never truly lost consciousness & were "awake" during your episode, Persephone. Lots of salt and water to boost your BP & let your doc know.

Feel better-


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I do have episodes similar to that but I think mine are usually caused from a medication. Any amount of hormone therapy causes me to have partial seizures. I can't describe how I feel other than to say it's very scarey. I hear what is going on around me but I feel like I'm literally in another world. Could you have hypoglycemia? I completely lose consciousness if I let my blood glucose levels drop too low. Sorry I can't help more.

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Used to get these type of episodes all the time, especially in college. Now they only come when I'm under extreme stress and haven't been taking care of myself. I'm on midodrine now, and they can also come if I push too hard. I can hear but not respond. I don't remember much from them. No doctor has figured out what they are, but when the EMTs took my bp during one of these episodes, it was undetectable. I assume my bp just drops out. When I used to get them all the time, the time around my period was the worst! Turns out my bp normally runs about 80/50 when I'm "due" and therefor there was less of a cushion when my bp would drop.

Hope you're feeling better soon!


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