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How To Control This Symptom ?


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Hi , as some of you may remember I have severe NMH and orthostatic hypotention.

However , recently I found out I have gum disease that was not visable to the naked eye

and only showed itself on xrays. It has eaten away at my bones under the gums.

So I have been having treatment for this , and my dentist tells me the diseases is now more under control.

So I continue take my salt tablet and fluids , and I am surprised that my BP readings are doing alot better, they are on average 112/76 and only sometimes do I find them in the 90's/60's.

This is a huge improvement for me because I was often sitting around 70/42.

When I stand up now , I dont catch a drop in blood pressure like I used to.

Which makes me wonder was the hidden gum disease the underlying cause ?

Is this possible ?

For me this is huge , However - I still have NMH problems.

I can have lots of episodes a day , (its a living nightmare).

Anything can set it off , being hot , after excersize , standing too long or

any kind of emotion (big trigger).

I can worry about going to my local shop to fetch some milk , incase I have a episode , which then triggers an episode whilst I am walking !!! I get so dizzy,shakey, hot and faint and feel my heart slow down so much It feels like I am dying , so I end up on the floor in a mess or unconcious. This absolutely wipes me out for the rest of the day.

What I need to know is how to stop this happening to me ,

and wonder if taking Fludro would help with the NMH ?

The hospital gave me some a while back and I took one tablet and got a headache so did not take another.

Could I try to take this for my NMH, even though my OH is under control ?

I take a small dose of betablocker (10mg).

I tried Paroxetine but it made me feel so nervous and emotional.

Is there anything else I could try ? any help much appreciated.

oh , I forgot to mention ...

I also suffer with severe vertigo , from inner ear damage , head movements make me spin , and then that triggers my NMH . aggghhhhh!!!!

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I'm not sure if this will be enough but I try to relax as much as I can almost to a groggy sleepy point.

I am trying to spend as much as my time in this place you can call it the comfy zone as possible and I am seeing improvement.

I don't know if there is anything to it?

Tell me what you think or if I am just getting better.

In the beginning I lived in terror.

I could not relax even in the bath.

I was scared to death it felt like I was losing control.

I started one day noticing that my heart only did a certain thing it seemed when I was really worked up.

I tried to stay calmer and little by little my episodes eased up.

Also one day after a bad episode I looked up panic attack and my body had gone through the exact same things that I was reading.

Now all of my episodes are not like that but as bad as I felt I came out of it.

The really weak spells have passed for now.

I don't really get those as much and my vital signs are normalizing.

I do feel funny at times at these new rates. I have not adjusted to them.

When I let my guard down I let myself get worked up again.

I went to work and although my heart rate and BP thank goodness were not triggered my anxiety level was so high just from putting myself in that place that I felt like someone could have peeled me right off the ceiling. I don't know how to control it.

Xanax worked well for me but the last two times I took it I had a bit of a strange reaction that felt like death was imminent so now I am as afraid of the Xanax as I am the episodes themselves.

So what to do?

I am working on mind control or exposure therapy. Trying to retrain myself to not get so worked up by emotional events or social situations.

I am not sure how I am going to get there but that is the goal.

To lose the fear but not forget to take care of myself.

I know it is much more complicated than that but it's the only thing I know to do. I'm not on any meds.

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