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So Have I Just Gotten Used To The High Heart Rates?


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I have felt better this past month or two for the most part.

But now I am wondering if I have just gotten used to the high heart rates???

I put on my polar heart monitor and this morning I was high but I broke a POTS rule.

I took a warm bath and immediately after getting out of the tub I realized it was time to take little guy to school.

We had slept in late etc etc.

I always give myself a chance to constrict again before I initiate activity I usually go into a semi recumbent position for at least 20 minutes before I initiate heavy activity.

So I was 120's blipped up to 144 once getting ready to take him to school.

Once I got in the car I was at 100 and 90's and felt okay.

I didn't notice bad symtpoms at those rates just some anxiousness stress light pressure etc.

So I guess I want to keep wearing my monitor and see where I'm at during normal acitivity.

What do you think have you adjusted to the high heart rates and no longer feel symtpoms there. Is that good or bad or neither I don't know what to think.

I'll update according to what I find out here.

Resting after all that I did not try to run any more errands came directly home and am doing my rest now.

I'm around 70's 80's as I type so that seems good.

A decent recovery with no fatigue-just a bit of concern.

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I didn't even know I was having sinus tachycardia every day until my electrophysiologist pointed it out after he received the report from the heart monitor I wore for a month. (The POTS diagnosis came months later, from another doctor.) If it's just my heart rate that's high, I'm usually oblivious. I know something is up only once I start feeling other symptoms -- warm, weak, shaky, tired, etc. -- but that apparently doesn't happen every time I have sinus tach.

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I have absolutely noticed that at times when I get better it's not that my heartrates are back to normal it's that I am what I call "handling" them better. Somtimes I can walk around in the 110's and be completely fine and others I have horrible chest pain, shortness of breath, feeling of passing out etc. It usually has to do with how well I'm taking care of myself through diet, sleep, stress reduction, etc. Who knows.

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I have gotten better at handling it too. Funny. It is great to have the monitors to look and see and then be careful. I know I handle it all better, not everyday, but most days now. My numbers are better for heart rate too. May we all keep it up! :D

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