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Sodium Chloride In Diet


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I have just been diagnosots this past week. I was advised to eat 4 to 5 gms of sodium a day. I don't care for salt much so I am wondering how others with low blood volume get in all the required sodium? Any advice would be appreciated. - Brekenna

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Welcome! Sorry you have a reason to join us here but glad you found us.

Some people do use salt tablets. I don't personally. I think many people here use gatorade or other similar type drinks to get more sodium. Chicken broth and most canned soups have a LOT of sodium in them also so that's a source. Some people just salt everything (like my morning toast, extra salt on corn chips, etc.) Some people just take those salt packets and eat them straight.

If you look at the chit-chat forum on this site, there is a topic called "salty bananas" where people discuss odd things we've found that work to have salt added to them. I'm sure if you do a search on this forum you'd also find a lot of ideas.

Good luck!

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Thank you. I am really struggling with the salt part that I was advised to follow. I have never been one to use salt much and so I'm not really liking it too well directly on my food but somethings are meant to be salty and I can handle that. I will search like you suggested to get more ideas. Thanks so much! -Brekenna

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