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Pots Friendly Beauty Tips & Products


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Im always on the hunt for beauty products and tips that help when I don't feel good & are all out simple to make me feel & look prettier even when I don't feel well. Recently o discovered a great one I'll post & I'd love to hear if anyone else has found some!

1. Dont feel good enough to wash you hair? Batiste dry shampoo is AH-MA-ZING! I have think oily hair & it can make it seemed almost as good as washed! Just be sure to get original scented-blush & tropical make my throat tickle


2. Braun wet/dry epilator. Epilate in the shower or bath when you have your stockings off already, just like shaving but'll last longer. I have hairy, coarse leg hair & after a few months of using it weekly I can now go two weeks! Hoping to get to three or four


3. Bag balm- helps with pesky razor or epilating bumps & chaffing from stockings


4. Tea Tree oil- add a drop to your lotion to help keep athletes foot from your stockings at bay. The scent takes a little getting used to but after tume you hardly notice?


Your turn!

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Great hints! I love to feel comfy and look nice. Nit really a product, but an idea. I have a great collection of maxi dresses! They are comfy and sooooo pretty! Like wearing a nightgown, but you look and feel great! I have really pretty short sweaters to go with them, short sleeved.

I love comfy and cute slippers too. I will have to show pictures. I am not sure how to show pictures with my iPad. My laptop is having problems.

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Nice idea for a thread, but most days I'm just too tired to care about my make-up. If I do anything, it's undereye concealer, and I always, always moisturize. My hair is long and wavy, so I only need to wash it twice a week and it looks just the same. Thank God for small favors!

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Potsgirl- I'm too tired to wear makeup too. Def give batiste dry shampoo a try- great for when you are feeling really bad.

Its good to head there is another non-makeup wearer. I have a friend who strongly believes that if I just made myself up I'd feel sooo much better! What's the point of looking pretty when you feel like death? My couch doesnt care!

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i love this thread but cant really add much other then to say that when im at home during the day i wear comfy jogging bottoms/tee shirt that i can sleep in if i need to but that dont look like pj's if anyone comes to the door.

Moisturiser is a must as my skin gets really dry but make up only if im going out (which isnt a lot at the mo).x

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I know we all know this but the best thing for me is my shower stool and a sprayer. Taking a shower sitting really saves my energy.

I also have a makeup mirror with a stool in front of it. I can do make-up if I am not moving too much.

I have more of an issue with washing my face at night and brushing my teeth. If I am too exhausted ( yes at 8 pm) I use a face wipe and listerine on my teeth ( no cavities yet ;) ). I know it is gross but sometimes brushing my teeth is too much.

I also have cream in my nightstand so I can slap it on from bed.

In the winter I tend to use a very light self tanner on my face- helps me look a little healthy- clarins has the best ( "tanning milk" ) but it is pricey.

recently I bought a smashbox face kit ... it really is nice. I also have stated using blush. I have a cream blush and just a little dab will do you.

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