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I hope this will give you all a laugh!

Dawg Tired

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My husband preaches at a very small church - about 30 people on a "good" Sunday. The youth group had a Christmas play they had been wanting to do for the last 3 years but there wasn't enough of them to fill all the characters and they never started planning early enough to do it.

This year we decided to do it; one way or another!

We (the moms and I) decided that some of our characters could "double up" - play more than one role. And it wouldn't hurt some of the adults to help out either. So here we went. The play had "commercial breaks". Hubby was selling a product called "Camel Kleen"; it supposedly made your camel smell nice. One of the dads did a "commercial" about the census, (the setting was Bethlehem the night of Jesus' birth), and the last commercial was for "Net Menders", we would repair your fishing net in about an hour and have you back on the water. Me and one of the moms did that one.

Well... best laid plans of mice and men.... The big night arrived. But one of the people playing 2 roles was sick - and her mom stayed home to take care of her - so that put us down 3 characters.

And so - the Magi became me, one of our elders (a physics professor at a local college!) and another man. In the first scene we appeared in we were to come onstage dancing to reggae (sp??) music. The physicist led us out, dancing and carrying the boombox, me and the other man right behind him. I survived the dance, went offstage and luckily one of the ladies was waiting for me with a cup of water. Then I had to go right back onstage and do the "Net Menders" commercial. Then the Magi had to immediately go back onstage and kneel beside the manger until the last scene when we were supposed to stand and lead the audience in "Joy to the World". All was fine until the standing part. The guys (on each side of me) stood up, immediately saw that I didn't make it, and they both reached down and pulled me up. It was a show stopper! Everyone (especially me) started laughing so hard that when we started the song I could hear the piano player (she was right behind me) laughing while she was playing! I got the giggles and couldn't stop.

Of course, our little congregation had more than doubled in size since it was the Christmas play, everyone came to see it. We all had a great time. I am still trying to recover from the ordeal but it was fun!

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Hey Dawggie! Love the story! We used to do Christmas plays in Africa -- the best parts were always the ones that went wrong! I'm so glad you were able to get through it and have such a great time! What a treat for your congregation -- I'm glad the kids were finally able to pull it off! May you have many more seasons of net-repairs. :)

My love to you and prayers for a speedy recovery,


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Guest tearose

Gayla, great story, glad you don't have to put on another performance!!!

I'd like to order some camel kleen if you have any leftover!!!

Rest well and wave hello to those cute birds as you look out from your window... :)

..laughter is the best medicine, thanks, tearose

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Yes, I am very blessed to have such a support group. I think some of the visitors we had were shocked to find it was the preacher's wife that needed a hand up. What a warm fuzzy feeling it is to have people around me that understand - i'm talking about this group too!

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