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Dizzy/Palpitations When First Lying Down At Night.


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I was wondering if any of you experience dizzyness when you first lie down at night to go to sleep. It doesn't always happen but sometimes when I put my head on the pillow I will feel these dizzy sensations -sometimes with palpitations. Occasionally the room looks as if it is moving a little as well.Most of my symptoms occur when moving from lying to sitting or standing, but changing any posture including lying down (though to a lesser extent) seems to affect the POTS.It makes me feel dreadful. Has anyone else had palpitations or dizziness when they first lie down at night?

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I have definitely noticed that once in a while my room seems to "shift", or the numbers on my clock seem to float around when I look at them. And before trying to sleep my heart is often acting up - I have had lots of trouble with symptoms even when lying down, but I still have to lie down so often/much that I can't say if it's related to lying down at the end of the day.

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