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Taking a med that I last had 2 weeks ago


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I'm back on tramadol for some really needed pain control. I have a nasty headache, neck and upper back pain that just won't let up. I haven't had any tramadol for about 2 weeks. Now I feel really weird, wired and kind of drunk. It is the same dosage I had before. I can't seem to make my hands work right tonight so I'll keep this short and then I'm going to try to lay down again and get some rest. I ahve felt really out of it for a few days now and just can't seem to get back to where I should. Having a lot of trouble typing, can't play the normal games on the computer either. Like I have lost my hand/eye coordination and i seem to be forgeting what I'm doing. I tried to fill my mug of ice water 2 after just doing it.

Anyone else have trouble like this, taking a med, stopping for 2 weeks then having troulbe starting again?

Just whining again.


PS I would like to add that I am having alot of trouble with my eyes, hard to focus, blurry like they have a film over them.

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Blackwolf, I wish I could say I had experience with this med, but I'm afraid I don't. I had most of those symptoms related to what was diagnosed as basilar migraines of odd presentation, so I know the horrible feelings that ensue. I would have been mortified the night that I staggered into the ER with mom (she said that everyone stared at us -- if she hadn't known me, she would have thought without a doubt that I was drunk!). Besides everything else, it took me over a week to be able to focus my eyes on things and walk in a semi-straight line. So while I don't have much medical advice for you, know that my heart goes out to your situation. Rest well and take care.


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