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Pain 3 Weeks After Angiogram


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I had a angiogram done 3 weeks ago today. I had some issues with my artery in my groin as It wanted to contract on and off and the Dr was thinking he might have to put a stint in. After they were done when I was in recovery It started to bleed again so a male nurse had to apply hard very hard pressure on the site for a good 40 mins. I was amazed how hard he had to apply the pressure. It?s now been 3 weeks and there is a area in my groin that if I touch it its still very painful and if I bend forward and stand from a sitting position it hurts. Is this normal 3 weeks out. When I had a ablation done the same way I did not hurt like this, but I did not have the bleeding after. As i said above i cant even touch the area as it hurts just as bad as the day it was done.

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Since you had a bleeding complication this is probably something you should call your doctor and ask. Bleeding does occur occasionally after this procedure and they may be able to give you a better idea of what to expect. Good luck!


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