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No Orthostatic Hypotention For A While , But Still Feel Bad ?


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The past few weeks when I have tested my blood pressure I have notised that I dont have big drops when I stand up . I am pleased but confused because I still feel ill on and off and have near vasovagal episodes alot through the day when stressed.

so have I controlled my orthostatic hypotention but not the vasovagal which gives only sudden drops when stressed ?

I am really confused.

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Hey Mirry, Awh really glad to hear your bp isnt dropping anymore, fingers crossed it stays that way.

As for the feeling sick and that still being present. At the end of the day Hypotension is only one of the many symptoms of Autonomic Dysfunction so although one symptom is gone does not mean that you still wont have others that are present. I dont get many drops in bp anymore either but I still feel lightheaded on standing and so forward.

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Hi, I'm so glad your bp is better! I have POTS so that means the bp can be high or low or varied. I never know what the numbers will be, bit I still feel lightheaded.

I guess the main thing with Dysautonomia is the way it is so unpredictable.

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