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Flu And Constantly Fluctating Bp And Pulse.


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I've had really bad flu this week and while I feel a bit better today the POTS seems to have gone crazy. Today my bp and pulse is fluctuating constantly, one min my pulse is as low as 37 and the next it's 88. With an average of 52 which it has been for the past 18mths. My bp has been going from 151/110 to 107/85. My bp monitor shows irregular heart beats as well and feeling my pulse I can feel it doing a beat or two, then skipping one or two then several fast beats then it repeats. I haven't felt too ill with this, no more dizzy or out of breath than normal. Do I need to worry or is it just the POTS going crazy because of the flu? Do I need to see a Dr urgently or can it wait til morning? (It's the evening here) or is this normal for POTs when sick with something nasty? It may well have been doing this the past few days but I don't know because I haven't monitored it as I've been too ill with the flu.

I had an echo and a 24hr monitor 18mths ago which were both normal.

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