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Do you get headrushes with the smallest of movements? I have a lot of days where just moving my arm of body a tiny bit causes them & it's so frustrating.?

The least little bit of movement brings on dizziness and nausea. Anyone else?

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Yeah I'm getting funny sensations in my head and it is I think concerning to me.

Last night I just felt like my head was full of rocks.

I guess maybe it was a migraine that just didn't hurt but was giving me a funky dizzy and off feeling.

Once the lights were out the noise stopped and I ate a little food it was like wow I think I am okay now-made me wonder if it wasn't just a funky headache that didn't really hurt but just made me feel off.

I had an episode the other night right after eating that felt like it originated from the back of my head.

Everything just felt off between my head, stomach, etc. I wanted to scream right out loud to make it stop.

The feeling passed I guess in about 15 minutes or so.

All these feelings are just creepy and weird and I could really do without them.

I understand your frustration.

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I have blood tests every six months so we know what I need and my doctors figure out the dose, etc.

I take a LOT of things. I was sooooo ill when my POTS began, horrible, could not walk.

My doctor told me about Dr. Dzugan so I got on his program and I also have my integrative doctor. I take compounded hormones like estrogen and progesterone,

other hormones too.

I take vit.E, vit.C, 5HTP, SAMe, a really good multi, Adrecor, Carniclear, vit. D3, d-ribose, Lipoic Supreme,

Calcium, magnesium, fish oil, coq-10.

For my immune system I take Maitake d fraction drops, AHCC, Proboost Thymic powder, vit C I mentioned above.

I make a really great smoothie each day too with Greens powder, protein powder fruits...

The CoQ10, Adecor and carne tine and Lipoic Acid have been great.

I have CFS and POTS. I have improved so much, but I have a long way to go to be able to walk long amounts again. I have many good days at least. I can go out now to eat out, etc, but for lots of walking, I use my w.chair.

I am just very happy not to be dizzy 24hours a day anymore! as I said, I have bad times.

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When I'm having a really bad time, I get that way a lot. It's so scary and frustrating at the same time. I think it might just be a blood pressure/heart rate thing because the one time I was in the ER, when I just sat up the smallest bit to try and get comfortable, their machines would start beeping a ton..That was one of my worst bouts but I definitely know what you mean.

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