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Hi Liez

I too have flashbacks. I have a past hx of panic attacks and anxiety that I take medication for as well. I try and remind myself that it will not last long if an episode comes on again and that better days are ahead. I do a lot of praying for strength and guidence. Self talk helps me and I do quite a bit of it when I am alone. Even in the car, no one has to know you are talking to yourself, they probably think I am singing. If I feel a flashback coming on, I will take a xanax just to feel calm and once I do, my mind is at ease instead of racing with all those scary thoughts.

Hope this helps you and remember you are not alone through all of this. We all have something in common with our illness.


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Guest tearose

hmm, no, I don't have flashbacks, maybe I have permanently fried those nerve endings?

I do remember not wanting to feel unable to manage in public in my early days of POTS...

It was a feeling of being all alone and wanting not to be needy...

Do you feel unable to help yourself when you are out?

That would certainly make me feel anxious!

Now I always carry a seat so I can sit down immediately because this will help break an episode.

I also have electrolytes and a tote bag in my car so if I need something to help it is nearby.



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Yeah I do feel really alone and vulnerable that's the feeling.

And I can't quite come to terms with what is going on with me. It is always changing and I do feel like I have anxiety and panic that I have developed also, so I don't know which is which and I get really scared.

It's like I remember the scary episodes that really didn't seem like anxiety and think bad thoughts.

I think maybe I should go talk to a professional to help me sort through this.

I have developed this weakness phobia almost like depression where I am afraid to do things.

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Guest tearose

Oh dear heart sit by me for a minute...

Let me share what I do and maybe it will help you find a way to manage.

You don't have to feel so vulnerable. Be still with yourself for a minute and find what it is that you are fearing. It is usually the loss of control we fear.

I sense if you have the confidence you can bring yourself out of a "surge" you won't get the anxiety or panic. I may be wrong but give it a try.

Imagine yourself on the grocery line and you begin to feel faint, you see white spots or you get that clammy feeling...what happens next to you? Do you feel the dump of adrenalin, and then feel your heart take off.... I suggest you start self talking and saying to yourself silently " this is not anxiety, this is a dump of adrenalin and you must tend to it.

Then,picture yourself taking immediate measures to break the dump of adrenalin...

You squat, you tighten your abdomen, cross you legs or go sit down and draw your knees to your legs. This should break the fast heartrate. You will see that you survived it, you may be a bit damp and wiped out but you can get to your car, back home and take a rest.

If I missed the type of scene you have then tell me more and maybe I can share more.

more hugs,


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