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Feeling Like I'M On The Verge Of An Episode


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Okay this is weird and I wonder if anyone else has felt this (I'm guessing probably) but I am trying to be more active and what I notice is like an aura that I'm going to go into an episode for me which is like adrenaline surge/panic attack/ breaking out in sweat, passing gas, burst of anxiety, feeling light headed, heart feeling all off beat. But none of that happens I just hang out in that feeling that an episode is coming on sometimes for hours and it doesn't go any farther.

Anybody else?

I hate the feeling. Yes I'm glad an episode doesn't happen but the hypervigelent feeling of oh no here it comes the almost breaking out in the sweat the almost head rush is unnerving.

Anybody else?

What do you think is happening?

Do I need to keep doing what I'm doing?

The first time it happened it was almost as like I had burned through the limitation and I was functional for like 24 hours. I didn't crash after and continue to be somewhat active with just this aura hanging over me.

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Guest tearose

You say you are being more active. Are you pushing too much?

I get the on the verge feeling like you describe when I've overdone or I have caught a cold.

I would suggest you make some chicken soup and drink some electrolytes and then put your feet up and see how you are after a couple of hours.

Sometimes some "power-resting" will be just what I needed so I can get moving again.

I hope you figure this out and feel better soon.

best regards,


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I think maybe I am coming down with a cold/sinus thing.

Daughter has it and I'm not feverish or anything but have the muscle aches, slight headache so I have a bit of it.

I'm not sure if I'm doing too much or not.

I really don't know my limit.

I know I have a fear that takes over me but I've really felt I can probably do more than I realize and that it is the fear holding me back.

I am feeling at this point that I lay around probably too much and that it is causing as many issues as anything else going on with me.

Also my nutritional intake *****.

So I think I need to try to eat and do what I can and I just wish I could shake this feeling.

The something is gonna happen and it's gonna be bad feeling.

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