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In Need Of Some Advice


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Hi all! After finding this forum & reading several posts & seeing others diagnoses, I began doing a lot of research online. I really feel that I have underlying issues that could either be causing my POTS & NCS or making it far worse than what it could be. My problem is I do not know where to begin on approaching my team of doctors about trying to see other specialists and what tests to have. I absolutely love my cardiologist and neurologist here at home, though they are not very familiar with my conditions. I know that if I go to them with this they will be more than willing to refer me but I need a little bit more of an understanding to present to them the reasons I should go to an endocrinologist or a rheumatologist. So what I'm wondering is what experiences have you all had going to these other specialists and what tests did you have ran? Is there more to look at than just thyroid, cortisol levels and etc....I know this may seem really vague but I am hoping you can share some of your experiences with me and what other kind of testing you have had done outside of just cardiac and neuro (cause I really think I have had every test under the sun between those two). I'm just really at the end of my rope right now (symptoms everyday since August 4th...UGH!!!) and want to make sure I leave no stone unturned. Thank you and I appreciate any help :)

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Guest tearose

Welcome KrissyK1305,

When trying to figure out the original cause it would be great to have ANS doctors on your "team".

Have you been to a testing center? They would discuss the tests that would help to figure what may have been the original cause, what will help them figure out what is going on and what treatment plan will be best in light of whatever your body challenges and composition is.

There are three main ANS testing centers most known and they are very involved in research, diagnosis and treatment: Mayo Clinic Vanderbilt and Cleveland Clinic.

Before I went to Mayo Clinic MN my local doctors sent me to various doctors and it was a waste of time, energy, resources and took a toll on me. Try to have a good ANS neurologist to help you find answers.

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