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Heart Problems


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Happy Halloween, Everyone~

I recently saw my neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in AZ, and he did an echocardiogram to check for amyloidosis. Fortunately, that didn't show up, but other problems did. I had dilated cardiomyopathy in the past (in my left ventricle), and bradycardia severe enough to warrant a pacemaker. This echo showed that I have an enlarged right ventricle with moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation, but the really odd thing is that I seem to have an abnormality at the end of one of my leads in the right ventricle, and they think it may be a blood clot.

I go back to Mayo for a few more tests and to consult with a cardiologist there on Thursday, but am wondering if anyone has ever heard of the pacer's leads getting blood clots? Anyone else with heart problems who can relate?

Thanks for any replies...It worries me that I may have this blood clot that might break off and move elsewhere. I've heard one of the treatments is Coumadin to help shrink/get rid of the clot, but if it's too severe, there might be surgery involved - especially with the tricuspid valve not functioning well.

Thanks again!


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Hi Jana-

I can't offer any advice, but I just wanted to send you a hug. Any abnormality with the heart feels scary. You are in good hands at Mayo & I'm sure they will come up with a plan to keep you safe & healthier.

I was on IV coumadin for a half week when one of my fingers turned blue- they THOUGHT it was a blood clot....more likely my Reynaud's. The coumadin didn't really have any side effects for me- except for "D", which get a little pesky. Seems like that'd be a safe way to treat the potential clot before trying surgery OR maybe they may try some of those really strong clot-busting drugs. BUT, I get your point- if they have to do surgery for the new regurgitation, that may be the best time to deal with the clot.

You've probably had this for a while w/o realizing. I'm sure you'll be OK until they figure it out. Deep breath :rolleyes: Let us know what you find out on Thursday.

Big Hugs-


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Guest tearose

I have no information or experience to share but wanted to reassure you that from my experience you are in the BEST of care!

From my understanding and experience, allow yourself to have the confidence that if anyone is going to accurately diagnose and then treat...Mayo is the place to do it.

Let us know how the follow up goes.

I am sending you prayerful meditative strength and grace to manage all that is before you!

best regards,


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No Potsgirl ... I can't be hearing about pacemaker complications during this key decision making time for me!! Maybe I shouldn't have read this one. Okay that was my selfish statement!! Sorry to hear you're having more heart problems! It's such a scary thing to have to deal with on top of everything else!! Keep us posted on what they find in the end. I'll be thinking of you and hoping all works out well.


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Thanks, everyone, for the responses and kind good wishes. I'll do an update next weekend when I find more out after my Mayo appointment this Thursday.

You guys are great!

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