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Chronic Pain Management


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Guest tearose

You must be so frustrated!

I totally understand actually. There are times a situation is so incredibly rant worthy and because dealing with it takes so much energy, there isn't extra energy to write about it.

I hope what ever pain you are dealing with will lighten up soon.



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I think sometimes saying nothing can say alot.

Dont be afraid to ask for help when it comes to pain management there are alot of great treatments out there, you need to be strong and ask for what you want from your doctor. I usually go in with an angry face when I visit mine and it works like a treat at the end of the day there here to help not to refuse us options so be forward and angry faced if needs be.

Get well soon,

Hugs! ;)

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Be easy on yourself. the move must have been extremely stressful to your system even if your mind cannot see it. It seems many of us are used to putting our mind to problems and pushing through ignoring any pain/discomfort that may arise - after all, those years of doctors telling us there is nothing wrong with us has to take a toll. We just suck it up and move on until we are forced to drop.

Extremely frustrating!

I hope you stocked up on epsom salt and are soaking when you can.


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I'm not sure where your chronic pain is coming from, but I can certainly relate to some extent. I have small fiber neuropathy in both hands and feet, and the pain would make me cry. Right now I'm experimenting with Lyrica and Neurontin along with some Percocet to make the pain manageable, and it's working to at least alleviate some of my pain. Are you taking anything for your pain? I think my Paxil, which I've been on for several years, also helps me be more calm about everything.

I wish you good luck in finding a way to help lift your pain so you can live more easily. I'm sending positive energy your way!

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