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Hey Guys!. . . .And Gals! I Need Your Opinion

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I work part time (19.5 hours) a week as a care worker taking care of disabled clients about 15 miles out side town. The money is good and also I do like the work, But! I get so so tired from work the most hours i do in one day is 7 the other days i only do 2 or 3 so its not too bad but the work is so demanding physically, I end up tired for the rest of the day when i get home and i nealy always fall asleep for about 2 hours but as i said the pay is good and plus i suppose staying at home 24/7 isnt an option for me I would crack up but yet im usually to tired to even cook my self dinner some days and on days where I dont work I usually hang out in my wheelchair saving energy for work days if that makes sense. Iv been thinking about it for so long just because i get so so so tired from work that some days I could cry with the thoughts of having to do it. what are yere thoughts on this should leave should i stay? please help I would love some insight or even any ideas as to what i can do to help get by in work or whatever comes to mind as you read this thanks so much everyone yer all so great.

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Follow your instincts. If you felt it was for the best to stop working and concentrate on your health, I think that most people on the Forum would encourage and support you. But if you want to keep working, there may be things you can do to make life easier.

I work full-time, but at a desk job. I don't cook during the week - after at least a day of rest on weekends, I'm generally well enough to shop for groceries and cook three dishes which I eat through the week. I'm very tired, but with the basic approaches to self-management, I am able to keep working. I schedule fluids because I have no thirst, I wear compression stockings to help reduce my fatigue, I minimise physical activity and carb intake, I'm mindful of the temperature because my body doesn't adjust well - I buy four weeks of extra leave every year so that I can rest during the hottest and coldest months, when my body struggles the most. I treat the symptoms I'm able to treat, and (even though I work full-time) I get enormous amounts of rest. It is just after 7pm here in Canberra Australia, and I'm getting ready to curl up in bed and read.

I've shed tears, too, at the thought of giving up work - there are plenty of times that I thought I simply couldn't keep going - but I've always found better ways of managing my illness, or adjusting my working arrangements, which made it possible to continue working.

Last year I found myself despairing when I failed to recover from an exacerbation of my illness, and I took 5 weeks of leave - I cried for the first 24 hours, but then set about formulating a concrete plan to get myself on my feet again. This rest really helped me to regroup and to crystallise my thinking - I was still very unwell when I returned to work, but I was emotionally stronger, and I had a concrete 'recovery' plan.

My life is not ideal, but there are very real financial, intellectual and emotional benefits to working.

Whatever you decide, I wish you well.


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thank you so much for your replys girls.

Dianna thanks so much you have really given me something to think about, and as you said there is most definately an emotional and physical benefit from working but for someone with pots I think theres an equal non- beneficial emotional and physical aspect to it lol but yeah, you really get where im coming from and you have certainly given me something to think about so thanks, so much.

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Are ther any jobs within the company that are less physical? my friend was a carer and started to suffer back problems and was unable to carry on as a carer, her work had to try and accomodate her needs so she was moved into the role of care coordinator. Better money and she could do some of it from home when things were bad with her back, other times she was part office based and part driving out to meet with clients.x

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