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Hot Feeling In Skin/Brain Fog/ Wired Feeling


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Does anyone else get this?

Is this just another way of my anxiety or stress manifesting?

It seems almost worse when I am laying down my back just gets hot.

I am incredibly stressed just with our routine with four kids and I am supposed to work tomorrow and I started getting nervous about it already on this past Monday with anticipation.

I do not feel my normal self at all it's like anxiety X 100 and I am scared to death to take a Xanax due to the sensations I got the last couple times I took one.

A lot of the times it just makes me feel like I'm on autopilot or in some type of zone. When it gets really bad I feel like I'm going to come right out of my skin.

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Hi there,

Sorry your feeling like this! I have had these same symptoms since I received the swine flu vaccine last December. I get these hot tingling sensations all over my body. It is as you decribe like serious anxiety. I find the Xanax helps me a bit with the not sleeping! Its a horrible feeling when you are so tired but your body just wont switch off! I also have young children, three of them and it is hard trying to juggle it all while feeling unwell. I am fortunate that I am not working!!! Dont think I could cope with a job. My doctor has recently put me back on lexepro (ssri) to try and calm the nervous system down and I have improved but I am still getting episodes. I love Xanax!!!! But have concerns about them being so addictive, that I will only take them at night and when I ABSOLUTELY have to. And also I break them in half so as to avoid the zoned out feeling the next day! I have also found a small (single tablet) dose of ibproven can help... Maybe its worth a try.

Try pull back on some of your commitments (easier said than done I know) and take some time out and try relax. Hope you feel better soon x

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I appreciate your response here Janet.

Last night I could see the vasodilation as I went to get up all of my veins just got fat especially in my feet and when I got up to use the bathroom it was really late my toes were purple as I sat there and my feet were red.

These things even though they may mean nothing and be harmless can be really scary when it's always changing. It really does give a red flag that something is wrong.

I am supposed to work tonight and I thought how on earth will I handle being on my feet? I don't know.

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Guest tearose

goodness, I feel your anxiety and want so much to relieve you of this!!!

Do you have any clue as to why you have so much of it? Are you pushing yourself into overdrive?

Wow, four kids AND dysautonomia AND working...I too wish there was someone to help you with the kids at least.

Can you sit down at work at all? I don't recall if you are wearing full compression, are you?

If I start having SVT flares this is when I get more symptomatic and can also go into overdrive. I then pull back, increase electrolytes, increase compression, take time to put my feet up and take a slo-mag supplement which is magnesium and helps when having SVT flares.

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I just spoke with my mom on the phone and this is how menopause was for her she had a horrid case apparently.

I was just wondering yesterday if my mom could be a tad POTSY. My first clue is she developed diabetes at a young age right after she had me and often couldn't handle stress. Couldn't really work outside the home and handle everything else it left her exhausted and often looked sickly pale.

So there is no way to know I think she might have flown below the radar if she does have a slight case of dysautonomia and it went undetected but I see a lot of her in me.

I know she went a lot of her life feeling like crap and ate almost constantly to try to keep her energy level up but I have to hand it to her her weight has always been excellent.

She controlled it well? But then maybe she burned off everything she ate if she has a similar metabolism.

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I wasn't aware of a connection of POTS to diabetes?

So sorry about the anxiety. I've had problems with it--it's hard to know which is coming first, the horrible adrenaline surges or the emotion--even when you understand that you have POTS. Post partum I had a VERY hard time with (what I would call) adrenaline surges, especially, which is why I was misdiagnosed initially with post partum depression I suppose.

It sounds like your anxiety could have a hormonal connection. That said, regardless of the cause, there are meds that can relieve this. There are also homeopathic remedies and non-medical approaches to try. Hopefully you doctor can help you through some of this. I also saw a psychologist with expertise in biofeedback--who was willing to recognize that the root of my problem was not psychological, but that there were still methods he could teach me that are the same methods used to reign in anxiety. I learned breathing techniques, for example. These did help me.

I have no idea how you manage this with 4 kids and working. It must be very tough.

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