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Outcomes Of Nerve Conduction Tests


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I've had them before. They are seldom if ever useful in diagnosing dysautonomia because the smaller fibers that are responsible for the function of the autonomic nervous system are not tested by nerve conduction tests. Only the larger fibers that are responsible for voluntary movement can be tested this way. A related condition maybe, but only if that condition involves damage to the larger fibers. At the moment I can only think of diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome and maybe its longer-lasting cousin CIDP that would damage both kinds of nerves, thus causing dysautonomia AND showing up on a nerve conduction test.

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I just had the Nerve Conduction test performed about a month ago and the results were negative-- I had no large fiber neuropathy. The test was ordered because on subjective testing I demonstrated mild sensitivity problems on my feet and I noted that I occasionally stumbled when walking. Luckily though these problems were not due to large fiber neuropathy.

***I did learn from the neurologist during another test, an EMG on the same day, that I had "wierd" arches. When I researched this, I believe that I have high arches and that is why I'm stumbling a lot! I'm glad my problem is due to high arches and not large fiber neuropathy that's for sure!

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I just had an EMG a couple of weeks ago to rule out large fiber neuropathy. My doctor is almost positive that I have small fiber neuropathy, and they will be finishing the tests for that next week. I have extreme pain, throbbing, numbness, etc, in my hands and feet that have become progressively worse. I would say 'yes' to the EMG because it eliminates a lot of diseases that can be related to large fiber neuropathy.

Good luck. Let us know how it went...

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